Sales conditions

General conditions

The assignment of the items to the 5aSec cleaning is the acceptance of all the general conditions displayed both in the store and on this card, namely:
5àsec cleaning (SC Dry Cleaning SRL) undertakes to carry out the assigned articles a cleaning (chemically or with water) of the received articles, in accordance with the professional methods and the inscriptions on the maintenance label.

The cleaning of 5àsec is discharged from any responsibility, except cases of serious negligence.

We take responsibility only in cases where the items entrusted supports cleaning process recommended on the label maintenance. If the maintenance label is not present, we accept no responsibility directly, and the cleaning of the item will be done exclusively at the client's risk. Articles made of leather or natural fur or those containing inserts or applications of these materials, will be cleaned exclusively at the responsibility of the client and under his signature.

Despite the routine professional control performed on receiving the items, 5àsec cleaning is not responsible for the damage due to unidentifiable characteristics or to undetectable defects (hidden defects) such as: insufficient resistance of fabrics or stitches, colors or colors. printing, the presence of writing objects in the cap, previous defects, deterioration or melting of the buttons, zippers, cushions from the shoulders or bust, ornaments, etc. or if the maintenance label contains incorrect information.

The cleaning 5àsec is not responsible either for the eventual modification of the dimensions of the articles (narrowing or enlarging) or for the modification of the colors, in ordinary parameters. 5àsec does not take responsibility for difficult stains that cannot be removed after repeated processes of detachment and cleaning or of deterioration or discoloration of the material as a result. 5àSec reserves the right to issue guarantees (stain guarantee, bleaching guarantee, tear-off guarantee, no guarantee, etc. at the time of receipt, regarding the final result. We do our best to meet agreed delivery times. In case of delays, the customer is not entitled to claim damages.The articles must be claimed within a maximum of six months from the delivery to 5ásec. After this term, the company reserves the right to dispose of them, without being obliged to compensate the client. The number and type of articles indicated on the cash slip, will determine the number and type of returned items.

In case of any objections or complaints, they must be made on the spot when the items in the cleaning 5àsec are returned, only on the basis of the house receipts (fiscal receipt, system receipt and general conditions card). 5àsec will respond to any objection or complaint as soon as possible. However, due to objective situations 5àsec can respond within 30 days from the date of registration of the complaint. Any information regarding your complaints can be obtained at: 0761.144.577 or by e-mail:

Subsequent objections and complaints will not be considered. The article for which the complaint is made must remain in the 5àsec unit for analysis by our specialists. In the event of serious damage, loss or theft of the items due to 5àsec exclusive, the customer will be compensated, after a preliminary evaluation, with 7 times the value paid for cleaning or treating the item. The presentation of the name and a telephone number are mandatory for issuing cash vouchers.
The client has the obligation to withhold the fiscal receipt received from the 5àsec reception.

In the event that damages will be paid in the aforementioned amount, the customer agrees that 5àsec will retain the good,
without having to pay other sums of money.

The present conditions are displayed in 5àsec stores as well as on the company's website

The items are returned on the basis of the receipt.