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Whiten laundry White+ | 5àsec dry cleaners

Have your white clothes and linens turned yellow? 5àsec dry cleaning shops provide you with a comprehensive range of laundry services. The best laundry whitening and 5àsec textile care.

5àsec has developed an exclusive and innovative treatment, White + to gently restore the original whiteness and brightness of your garments. 

Your clothes and household linens are in dire need of a whitening treatment? They tend to become yellow or grey?

It comes as no surprise as white clothes and linens easily get dirty and their fibre may be fragile and be damaged by some whitening treatments.

The best option is to make them treated by a professional.

The exclusive White + treatment is chlorine-free and treats efficiently your delicate garments while preserving their natural qualities and making them fresher and brighter.

For which textiles and items? 

Bed linens, duvets, white and cotton clothing (shirts, t-shirts, dresses)

5àsec advices

For optimal results, we recommend you repeat the treatment after each cleaning.

Let a professional handle this treatment as he is familiar with textile care techniques.

Ideal for the following textiles


Shirts, t-shirts, cotton dresses